In the fall of 2004, Dan Gray met with Mel Bartels of BBAstroDesigns Mel was writing some Servo Control software, but needed hardware. Since Dan Gray's expertise was hardware, he made Mel a servo control board using Pic Servo chips. This board worked fine, but then Dan had the idea of making a board without using the Pic Servo chips. In December of 2004, Dan started working on this new board, and without coming up for air, immersed himself into the hardware and software of this new project. In the early summer of 2005, the first boards were sent to users.

Mel's software is very accurate and has many features, so can be hard to get used to. It also requires the Java Runtime, so it is a bit slow. Dan wanted users to get up and running faster, so he created ServoConfig and the SiTech ASCOM driver. He also added code to the controller to interface with the Argo Navis(tm).

After adding mechanical components to the product line, Sidereal Technology is now poised to be the telescope control system of choice for all kinds of telescopes.

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