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Scott Jamieson is the first person to send Mel and myself an astro photo taken while using ScopeII and Sidereal Technology's servo controller.
Here is his second photo he emailed us on 11/08/04:

Hello Dan and Mel,
    Just an update.....
    Thought you might like to see my latest image. I have never obtained tracking this good on my LX200 and I have not bothered to try PEC because the variation in my wire drive is not periodic and is only about 8 ^sec. though there are occasional random jumps about 20 ^sec. The Horsehead image is 20 images 40 seconds long with no guiding using track and accumulate on my ST9. Only processing was DDP in CCDOPS.
Scott Jamieson

This is a quote from an email sent by Scott Jamieson to Mel Bartels and Dan Gray.

Things are going well now and I am busy trying to get ready for Astrofest in September. Thought you might enjoy the fruits of our labor. The mount is very crudely aligned since I am modifying it constantly, but I was able to get decent tracking for about 10 seconds at a time. So I took 8 images of 10 seconds apiece in CCDOPPS Track and Accumulate. This was with approximated ratios, one-star alignment, no processing, etc., but I was quite thrilled with the results this early in the refinement process.
    So far the double-fork design is looking good but I wont know how good until I get a stable base on it.
    Thanks again for all of your support and a fine product!
Scott Jamieson