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The latest firmware is version 1.6.  The main additional features of this version is it works with the new Radio Handpad, and there are some minor bug fixes.
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For best results, download this file to C:\ServoConfig\ directory, then run ServoConfig to upgrade.  You can also upgrade using ScopeII.

Well, the final Pre-Release of ServoConfig is on the site, now.  It has a few more features than the 0.9 version, also a few more bug fixes, and user suggestions have been added, I'm calling it version 0.99.  I'm hoping a few folks can download and test it soon, to see if there are any glaring problems......  Leave me an email if you find any.

Read ServoConfig Document  It's about 1.5 megs.

Installation Directions:
1. Download the file ServoConfig99.exe from the following link.
2. Run the self extracting zipped file you downloaded, and it will extract to a directory called C:\ServoConfig\.
3. Use your "My Computer" icon to browse to the new directory.  You can make a shortcut by right clicking on ServoConfig.exe and selecting "Send to Desktop (create shortcut)".

If you choose not to make a shortcut, use your "My Computer" Icon, and browse to this directory, then double click the ServoConfig.exe file.

Download Program It's about 3 Megs, and includes the ServoConfig document provided as a link above.
If you try this software, please leave a note to Dan Gray with any thoughts, problems, or recommendations.  Be sure to put the word "Servo" in the subject line, or your email may be rejected as spam.

CCD Photo taken by Scott Jamieson using our new controller and Mels ScopeII software!

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Our Dual Servo Telescope Controller has the following features:

Connects to  Mel Bartels SCOPE II  Windows/Mac/UNIX software, for ASCOM compliant, incredibly accurate GOTO and Tracking

Finally, a servo telescope control that is affordable!

Directly controls two servo motors with PID functions running at nearly 2000 times a second, with high speed shaft encoders for position feedback on each motor.

Connects to two additional high speed encoders for the telescopes altitude and azimuth (or right ascension and declination).  No need to add an additional "box" to connect shaft encoders.

The Telescope Encoder information is transferred in the same communication loop as the servo encoder motor position.  What this allows is on-the-fly motor encoder updating.  No need to stop the scope to communicate, to be sure there are no differences in the position between communication events.  This is a totally awesome feature, especially for roller drives that may slip over time.  Mel has taken advantage of this feature in his SCOPE II software.

Open Collector RS232 Serial port for connecting 2 or more controllers on the same RS232 bus.
Other controller axis's can be used as field de-rotators and/or focusers.

Connects to a handpad box for slewing/panning/guiding.

Signals from the handpad work immediately, no delay as with some other systems.

Can automatically track your Alt/Az telescope in the dragNtrack mode, or the slewNtrack mode without having a personal computer connected.

When running in the computerless "dragNtrack" or "slewNtrack" mode  you may connect a computer running just about any planetarium program, and the servo controller will emulate the Tangent Digital Setting Circle protocol used by such "boxes" as the Sky Wizard, MG III, etc.

Can control an equatorial telescope, with dual axis correction and slewing/panning and guiding (with handpad or autoguider) without having a personal computer connected.

Can control a dual axis tracking platform, with auto stop and rewind, and dual axis correction without having a personal computer connected.

Servo Motors have a FASTEST mode of operation, where if the motors can't quite keep up with where it is supposed to be, but it is moving in the proper direction, it will not trip on position error, instead, position error is held at the point of the position error limit.  This feature makes it possible to run your motors near their limit of speed, and you can rest assured, it will not trip on position error if your battery voltage falls a bit, or the wind pushes against the scope.

Small size, 2.5" by 4.25" by 1".

Power Efficient.

Built in flash memory for saving many different parameters.

Firmware in the controller is field upgradable to later versions of the firmware, no need to send it back to the factory.

This same controller will be able to control 1 stepper motor using 256 micro-steps per step with a future firmware upgrade.

You can configure the controller using ServoConfig (see top of page), or with Mel Bartels SCOPE II software, and coming soon, a Macintosh Configuration program (and more) from Dave Sopchak.  You can visit his website at the MacDob project.

Input Voltage: 11.5 -28 volts D.C.
Input Current: 4 amps max
Maximum Motor Current: 2.4 amps each, total of 4 amps max.
2 Each, Motor Encoder Resolution: 32 bit (+/- 2 billion encoder ticks) 
Maximum Motor Encoder Read Frequency: 248,031 Htz.
2 Each, Scope  Encoder Resolution: 32 bit (+/- 2 billion encoder ticks) 
Maximum Scope Encoder Read Frequency: 25,000 Htz.

RS232 Protocol:
 1. Extended Pic Servo Emulation
 2. Extensive ASCII command set
For more information, contact Dan Gray  Be sure to put the word "Servo" in the subject line, or your email may be rejected as spam.
These controllers are only available from Mel Bartels at BBAstrodesigns

Possible Connection Scenario's:
Click here for schematic of a complete system.
Click here for schematic of a Drag and Track System.
Click here for schematic of a Slew and Track System.
Click here for schematic of an Encoder Sharing with Argo Navis or Sky Commander.
See it installed on Dan Gray's 28 inch alt azimuth telescope!
Click Here for a preliminary instruction Instruction Manual
Click Here for a page about the Radio Handpad
Click Here for a look at my Observatory with my 14 inch scope
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