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This is from Charlie Wicks of San Jose California who is using Dave Sopchak's configuration and Control software from the MacDob project. I believe at this point he's using the "dragNtrack" mode.  The "problem" referred to was the Azimuth and Altitude motor encoder tick values were mixed up in the controller configuration.....:

Hi Guys,

Just thought I'd give everyone an update on my progress. I've had my first chance to do some real testing of the drive, now that we figured out what the problem was.

I did a good alignment on polaris, then moved the scope to altair, and let it track. After 30 minutes, it was still in a 300x field of view. I got bored waiting for it to drift out of the field, so I decided to test the slip clutches. I set both the alt and az clutches to very light settings and moved the scope from target to target. What a Joy!!!! I let go of the scope and at 300x everything just sits still. I'd let it track for a few minutes, then moved on to the next target and each time I let go, the star field was fixed and motionless. This is the first large scope that I've had that works like an equatorial mounted scope with slip clutches, and something that i've wanted for a long time. I can't wait to actually use it on a dark night! This is so cool!!!



The box said "Windows XP or better," so I bought a Mac.

Howard Banich's comments about using it on his 28 inch telescope.  He's strictly using the dragNtrack mode so far.:

Although I'll never stop tinkering with the new 28, I'm finally making the transition back to observing from telescope making. The drive tracks beautifully when the scope is properly leveled and drive aligned on the NCP. A great example of the tracking is what I showed you at the Oregon Star Party with Stephan's Quintet.

After observing the galaxy group for awhile around 460x I left the scope to go observe with some friends at their scopes, thinking this would be a good test of the drive's accuracy. Coming back about 45 minutes later I was delighted to find that Stephan's Quintet had moved only about halfway to the edge of the fov from the center. That's when I called you [Dan Gray] over for a look, but the best part was when an anonymous person came by just then and commented "I think your drive is slipping a little, it's moved about halfway to the edge of the fov." When you said yeah, but it took 45 minutes for it to happen, his "oh!" was eloquent enough praise.

The Drag and Track friction clutches are fabulous and are the feature that really sold me on your drive system. Being able to manually move the scope while the drive maintains its proper tracking rate anywhere in the sky is exactly what I wanted. To me this is the mark of a successful, elegant system - it works wonderfully well and requires no thought to use once it's initialized. Observe and enjoy, that's what its all about for me."