Thoughts about God by Dan Gray

Well, over the years, I've struggled with the God thing.  It used to be that I had it all figured out: that was when I was growing up, and in early adulthood, the bible was the word of God.  This was my upbringing.  After some circumstances in my life made me think some more about things, I realized that I didn't have God figured out anymore.  Well, I'm not a stupid person (well, most of the time anyway), so I thought if I applied myself , I would be able to figure out the God thing.  And many years later, I finally came to accept the fact that I will never figure out God, and I can stop trying, it's a waste of my time!

So, after many years of thinking, I don't even know if "God" exists or not!  What I do believe is that there is a spiritual side to humanity.  Whether God exists or not, is really not relavent, and not important.  If there is a God, then this entity doesn't care if we believe in It or not, and it doesn't really make any difference to us either, as long as we accept and nourish our spiritual side.

God could be a real entity, or also, God could only be in our own minds, God is created in mans own image!   If the latter is true, then early in the human struggle, the tribes that had a diety survived better than the tribes that didn't, and our spiritual side came from our own evolution.

It's not so important which is right, but it's more important to accept and nourish our spiritual side.  If we don't, we are denying part of our humanity.

Personally, being out under the stars is one of the ways I nourish my spiritual side, also my 12 step program.

I know that I can tap into a resource of encouragement, strength, joy, etc, and I choose to call this God, not knowing what It is.  I've come to believe that most religons are tapping into this same entity, whether it be in their own minds, or a real entity, but the customs, beliefs, etc. are different.

Anyway, Take what you like, and leave the rest!

I like the following picture, because what else could it be but God flipping us off!!!!