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$400.00  Dual Servo Telescope Controller I (Includes Serial cable, and Power Cable (cigarette lighter connector available upon request)


$895.00 Dual Servo Telescope Controller II (Includes Power Cable)

$95.00 SiTech Wired Handpad with glow in the dark buttons (6' cable included)


$350 - Wireless Handpad Receiver and Transmitter (3' cable included)


$155 - 8000 series 19 volt Pittman D.C. Servo Motor with encoder and 9.98693:1 gear reducer, with modular jacks for plug and play connection (Motor and encoder cables included).  Pittman  Part Number is GM8224D309-R1  19.1 Volt 500 Lines on Encoder disk (2000 quadrature) with a 9.98693 : 1 Gear Reducer (It says 10:1 on nameplate).

Select Controller Compatibility


$20 - Motor Adapter Board. Provides a simple interface between motors and our servo controllers.

Select Controller

$130.00 - US Digital 5,000 tick (1250 lines) encoders with 6' of cabling. Part number H5-1250-NE-S  .  Shown is the dual ended, we supply the single ended (TTL).

$145.00 - US Digital 10,000 tick (2500 lines) encoders with 6' of cabling. Part number H6-2500-NE-S  .  Shown is the dual ended, we supply the single ended (TTL).


$300.00 - Worm Gear Reducer with motor mount and gearing (Motor ordered separately)

f ****************************************************

$40 - each. Altitude/Azimuth Dual Low Profile Bearings.  This bearing can be used as shown, or upside down, to replace teflon pads.
It's 3/4 inches wide, and 2 inches long.  Bearings are about 0.865" in diameter.


$30 - 16 groove (0.080" Pitch/0.1875" ID) timing pulleys

$32 - 32 groove (0.080" Pitch/0.1875" ID) timing pulleys

$5.00 - Belts to match:

d = 1.7481"
d = 2.7525"
d = 3.0332"
d = 2.9931"
**We suggest carrying spare belts in case of failure**


$25 - USB to Serial Adapter

Extra Cables:

If you need a custom length cable, contact us at

Cable Types
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