Shepherd's Lair Observatory,
Eagle Creek, Oregon

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Sidereal Technology Alt/Alt telescope mount
Direct Drive on both axis's.
Sidereal Technology ForceOne brushless controller:

Planewave 12.5" F8 CDK telescope:

ST11000 camera
Canon T3I Rebel

Location: 45.3247241 N, 122.3141992 W
216 Meter Elevation

Typical seeing:
4 arc seconds FWHM
Best I've seen:
2 arc Seconds FWHM
Worst I've seen
8 arc Seconds FWHM

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Here's a picture of the open observatory.
ShepherdsLairObservatoryS (189K)

M33 (Triangulum Galaxy) - About 11 hours of LRGB Data, all taken remotely and automatically from Shepherds Lair Observatory. All subframe images are 5 minutes long, and they're not guided by an autoguider, the tracking is open loop.
The camera is an ST11000 SBig camera. The telescope is a Planewave 12.5" CDK with an F8 focal length, and a de-rotator The mount is an Alt/Alt mount designed by Joel Kaplan and myself, with direct drive motors and made by Joel Kaplan
M33 (Triangulum Galaxy) (3541K)

All following images are combined 5 minute unguided exposures. Calibration, and Non Linear Stretches is the only processing.

M101 (Canon):
M101S (96K)

M27 (ST8)
M27 (584K)

M42 (Canon)
M42S (70K)

M82 (Mallincam Universe)
M82S (62K)
M1 Crab Nebula (ST8)
M1 (309K)

IC10 (ST8)
IC10 (496K)


Comet Jacques from Oregon Star Party:

Near Earth Asteroid 87309 (2000 QP):

First Light Video for the Alt Alt scope, well worth the view: