Latest News!
I've removed the last (well, last known) bug out of ServoConfig version 1.0.  I'm waiting for a report from Andy and it will take a few days.  He's testing the "Assist Ticks" feature.  I still haven't found any problems with my latest version 1.7 of the firmware.  A few more tests, and they'll both be up.

I'm hard at work on my ASCOM driver, and I've had some successes.  Heres a page, with a screenshot of the menus, and also of one of my 1st photographs using my 14", my ASCOM driver, ASCOM focuser, and field de-rotator.  Please check it out.....

I'm trying to get one last bug out of the ServoConfig version 1.0 Software, thanks Chuck for finding it.  Somehow it doen't like Win98.  So I'm trying to scare up an old machine to test it on.  Once I squash this one, I'll release it and Servo Firmware version 1.7.


I'm working on version 1.7 of the controller firmware.  I am very close and I'm ready for any beta testers.  Let me know if you want to be a beta tester.....   Don't forget to put "Servo" as part of the subject line of your emails.

New features of version 1.7:
1. New Local Search feature!  Hold the TOPLEFT key and press the UP key on the handpad, and a local search is started.  Hold the TOPLEFT key and press the DOWN key for 1/2 radius (higher power eyepiece).  Your telescope will start making larger and larger counterclockwise circles, of your choice of radius (use ServoConfig version 1.0 for this). While searching, Hold the TOPLEFT key and press the UP key to increase speed,
Hold the TOPLEFT key and press the DOWN key to decrease speed. 

To reverse the search, and start moving clockwise and in, press the down arrow key.  To "un-reverse" press the up arrow key.  This can be done at anytime (Thanks Howard Banich for the suggestion). 

To cancel the local search feature, press the left or right key.

The search routine is the most efficient possible, more efficient than a spiral or rectangle search.  Just press any direction key to stop the search and begin tracking again.  It tracks the sky while doing the circle, and it makes a true circle (not an elipse), even at high declinations/altitudes!!

2. Built in Backlash Compensation works instantly, at configurable speed and distance!
3.  Equal Area Panning/Guiding.  The azimuth/RA Pan and Guide speeds are adjusted according to your Altitude/Declination, to keep them the same, as far as the sky is concerned.  This makes the azimuth/RA motor run faster at higher Altitudes/Declinations to keep the amount of sky equal to the Altitude/Declination while Panning and Guiding.

4. A bug that was introduced in version 1.6 has been fixed.  In version 1.6, it is impossible for ScopeII to put the controller in the guide mode if you aren't using the radio handpad reciever.  This has been fixed in version 1.7.

New final version (Version 1.00)  and first official release of ServoConfig is almost ready.  This release is needed to configure the Local search and the Backlash features.

Servo Controller Radio Handpads and Recievers are going to be released this week.

Argo Navis(r)  has released their official version of software that will work with the SiTech Servo Controller!
Please visit their website and download their firmware and upgrade your Argo Navis.  You can then control your telescope with both GOTO and Tracking with the Argo Navis!  NO ENCODERS NECESSARY Unless you want them!!!!

The latest documents (which aren't quite finished but almost) are available here:
SiTech Dual Servo Controller
SiTech Handpad Reciever and Transmitter