Chuck Shaws Photos, from Texas Star Party 2006.

He used the new ASCOM driver.  Here's a quote about it:
"The mount was only running with the ASCOM driver [SiTech Driver].  It ran PERFECTLY EVERY
NIGHT, ALL NIGHT we were out on the observing field. And the GOTOs would
put the target in the HX916's FOV 100% of the time..... "
Well, Chuck is using a ???mm APO on an old converted StarLiner Equatorial mount.  He autoguided these using the radio handpad receiver.  He did no post processing, 'cuz his laptop went on the fritz, and he hasn't had time so far, so these are pretty much raw images, but I believe they're calibrated....

Here is his shot of Omega Centauri:

Here's his shot of Comet 73P/Schwassmann-Wachmann